Celtic Surveys | Leak Detection | Repair & Maintenance

Our team are able to provide an emergency response to all of your water-related needs. Service and mains repairs often cause considerable disruption in both domestic and commercial environments. We provide the peace of mind that you have an established team, with a wealth of knowledge, ability and the necessary equipment to resolve these events in a timely manner. The combined management team has over 100 years’ experience in dealing with burst water pipes and emergencies of this nature, so you truly are in safe hands. 


Maintaining your network and ensuring valves are accessible and in working order is often a hidden risk to your property or business as they are not usually visible and rarely utilised day-to-day. A proactive approach to maintenance of the network forms an essential part of managing risk and maximising the life of your assets.


If water is at the heart of your business and a constant supply is critical, we can provide advice, design and implementation services to give added security. These solutions can come in many different forms, such as providing a dual lay of critical or at-risk areas of the network or providing additional valve installations to enable rerouting in the event of a failure to additional tanked storage on-site. All possible options will be considered and solutions will be provided for clients to review.


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