The utilisation of metering provides us with the necessary information to support our clients with a wide range of services to assist in their complete water management. The strategic installation of meters from 15mm to 300mm enables the measurement of water flow on commercial and domestic applications. An example of this is targeted leakage detection through flow analysis of the network when conventional leakage methods are not feasible. 


Through the use of AMR (Automatic Meter Reading), we are able to create a holistic view of your water mains network, no matter how large or small. This can be done via the cloud to give instant alarm functions for increased flows. Furthermore, the system can be used for troubleshooting, analysing water consumption, and energy use. Our customers can have direct access via a portal, should they require. 


Experienced meter technicians can deliver solutions to suit many different situations. This includes maintenance, repair and replacement of meters, associated chambers and ground works to meet your individual needs. 


We are equipped to provide a complete meter reading service, including conventional reads, handheld, walk by and drive by AMR.


We were approached by Yorkshire Water to assist with meter reading and were asked if we had thirty resources available and, if so, how quickly the job could be done.


Within two weeks of initial contact, we had everything in place for the required field resource to be able to fulfil this request.


The mobilisation comprised of sourcing vehicles, uniform, equipment, PPE and all relevant training from safe systems of work, to automated meter reading capabilities. The management of the team was structured so that the necessary support was in place to ensure that competencies and performance were in line with the existing teams. Collaborative working was key to the success of the project and through this, we were able to integrate seamlessly and provide a first class service.


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