We provide complete Water Management services, tailor-made to each individual client’s needs. Dependant on the size and age of your network/supply and the usage/demand periods, your needs will be specific to you.


Your usage may be artificially high due to production process/cooling and the lack of ability to recycle closed loop systems. We can design and supply solutions for utilisation of closed-loop systems, greywater and rainwater harvesting. If your network is ageing and prone to sporadic failures, we can monitor your usage remotely and warn of potential leakage outbreaks and mobilise a team to you to investigate. 


If you need asset renewals or emergency repairs, we can provide either in both a proactive or reactive environment. We will always look for the most efficient methods of meeting your requirements and advise on options that are available.


We were contacted to assist with an ongoing issue on a privately owned water mains network of more than 5,000 people using the water supply daily. The network of mains was over a vast area, with multiple distribution pipes and service pipes of a range of sizes and materials. 


The initial request was to complete a comprehensive leakage survey and to also get a better understanding of the current mains and fittings. Part of this survey involved monitoring the flows to determine consumption and potential levels of unaccounted for water. This approach enabled us to successfully find and fix several leaks, with one being confirmed as a large loss. This leak was found to be under a building that had been erected on top of the water main. Rather than look at a costly repair, a solution was sought to relay the section of pipework.


As part of the water management strategy, we chronologically installed water meters and remotely monitored these so that we could get a better understanding of the network and, in turn, react quicker to any increases of flow.


This combined effort resulted in a reduction of over £80,000 per month on their bill and a rebate from the water company in the region of £1,000,000.00.


When the Building Research Establishment needed an innovative solution to enable a new testing rig/tank for their operation, they required a system that was both environmentally sound and one that had the capacity to meet their requirements. A plan was developed for a closed loop system, fed from 2 x 20 cubic meter water tanks, pressurised and distributed internally and externally through a newly installed network of pipework. 


Space was limited for the tanks, therefore, a bespoke platform was designed and installed by Celtic Surveys in order to position the tanks over an existing part of the building. As a result, there was no impact to on-site utilisation. 


The project, in its entirety, was delivered by Celtic Surveys, from the ground works right through to flow and pressure testing and was delivered on time and within budget.


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