Maintaining and proving your firefighting assets are fit for purpose, provides benefits with both your insurance and health & safety compliance. Rather than having to rely on a fire appliance limited water supply, having a mains supply of water will provide a constant flow of water should the need arise. Due to fire hydrants being located below ground, where they are normally inaccessible, the need to operate and test them regularly can prove vital in ensuring they are functional in the event of a fire. 


Having a proactive approach to fire mains management can prove effective in reducing costs through maintaining, rather than replacing, equipment. It also gives confidence that the desired water pressure and flow are correctly set to the right location, and meet the standards of the local fire brigade. 


We offer a complete package of flow testing, pressure testing and above and below ground asset survey, through to certification for insurance purposes and ensuring health and safety regulations are met.


Following an enquiry to test flow and pressure on the existing fire main network within the extensive grounds of Kedleston Hall, it was identified that the existing supply and location of fire hydrants and dry riser was not fit for purpose and an alternative solution was required to meet current regulation.


After a full review of the existing network pressure and locations, a proposal was submitted to the local fire brigade to utilise the lake as a source of water for firefighting purposes. A detailed design was drawn up and signed off by the Fire Brigade Liaison. 


A bespoke fire hydrant arrangement was installed to allow intake of lake water directly into the dry riser. This was achieved by the fire brigade using floating pumps connected to four fire hydrants that can be seen in the picture.


50 meters of 180mm MDPE mains was laid to facilitate the supply into the newly installed dry riser.


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Kedleston Hall, lake and grounds

Fire Mains Management Case Study