Commercial / Industrial / Institutional Services

Celtic Surveys Limited have broad skills in assisting commercial, industrial, and institutional customerswith leak detection services. We are reactive and will work with the customer to achieve a speedy resolution to problems including liaising with water companies.

Some of our customers include National Trust, Smiths Gore, Peel Ports, NSG Pilkington, Mersey care NHS Trust, and Solvay Internox.

We work in the North, Midlands, Wales and South East regions and can provide a complete service for all water supply issues.

We can provide the following services at reasonable rates.

  • Data monitoring and assessment.
  • External and internal Water leakage detection using a variety of techniques.
  • Leakage repair or service diversion/replacements where this is more appropriate.
  • Use of the latest equipment including thermal imaging to detect leakage/damp problems.
  • Various sampling methods to help identify issues with external or internal water system.

We have very experienced water leak detection technicians with the right equipment to solve your problems. We have partner organisations who can undertake tariff analysis, legionella reviews, borehole investigations, and alternative provider solutions.

Please call us on 03331 212 757.

We can help solve your water use and supply problems.