About Us

Celtic Surveys Limited specialises in leak detection, repairs and water leak problems and issues to residential and commercial properties.

Leak detection has helped Celtic Surveys assist many private companies, as well as providing network support services to other water companies over the last three decades. The company was established in 2008 but incorporates the original business of the watertight partnership, where the whole of water management began for Celtic Surveys.

Watertight had been in operation from 1990, and with continued growth, the business was then transferred into the water management and leak detection company Celtic Surveys Ltd from 2012. We as a company provide repairing leaks and water leak detection services to all customers from residential, through to multi location organisations in the commercial, Industrial and Institutional sectors.

Celtic Surveys are leak detection, water demand specialists and have skills and experience in the following areas.

  • Water Leak Detection Surveys.
  • Leak Repair Service.
  • Sub metering provision and installation.
  • Water monitoring and assessment of usage.
  • System improvement and extension.

With the increasing cost of water and stronger emphasis on sustainability many organisations are investigating the potential of water savings. This combined with the deregulation of water business by April 2017 will lead many customers to review their current water supplier and usage.